Looks good. The UI for creating macros could use some improvement
though, especially some options to remove/insert actions into existed
scripts. Maybe you can reference Michael Terry's recent work on
Adaptable GIMP.


Thanks for sharing.

Tim Chen

On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 9:23 PM, lloyd konneker <boo...@nc.rr.com> wrote:
> Announcing a new version of the "Make Shortcut" plugin, now called
> "GimpScripter". It lets you point-and-click create a plugin that calls a
> sequence of plugins, PDB procedures, or macros. It is a plugin authoring
> tool.
> Gimpscripter is a Gimp plugin written in Python. It generates Python
> code for a plugin.
> The source is at github.com/bootchk/gimpscripter. Installation
> instruction are in the README file. The source includes many readable
> documents such as NEWS, TODO, and a user's manual. You can download a
> tarball or zip there. It is in Python so just install it in the standard
> Gimp directory for plugins, no compilation necessary.
> Gimpscripter is still in development. It usually works, but is
> incomplete and could be improved.
> Take a look if you are interested in scripting Gimp, as a user or as a
> programmer.
> Gimpscripter lets you visually (graphically, point-and-click) implement
> a sequential recipe, for example "Choose this, set that parameter,
> choose that, ..". It doesn't have any control flow statements.
> It uses a stack model: it hides a prefix of parameters and references
> them to active objects.
> It includes a macro facility and macros for common sequences of
> operations, and to wrap certain PDB procedures with higher-level
> parameter type, e.g. PF_BRUSH instead of PF_STRING for a brush.
> Some people suggest using a recorder/playback tool to automate Gimp.
> Scripts from such tools break when the Gimp GUI changes, and the scripts
> are not easily distributable. Gimpscripter is an alternative.
> Gimpscripter does have many weaknesses, some of which can be attributed
> to lack of support from the PDB. So it could help guide improvements to
> the PDB (but it might not raise any issues not already known, such as
> not storing defaults.)
> I welcome comments or contributions.
> Here is an example use, to make a plugin "Stroke selection with
> selection":
> Choose "Filter/Gimpscripter" to start Gimpscripter.
> >From the menu pane choose "Edit/Copy".
> Choose "Edit/Paste as/New Brush".
> Choose "Select/To path".
> Choose "Edit/Stroke/Path".
> Enter a name for the plugin, for example "Stroke selection with
> selection".
> Choose the OK button.
> Read the summary and choose the OK button.
> Restart Gimp.
> Open an image and make a selection.
> Choose "Shortcuts/Stroke selection with selection".
> You should see a mobius like effect.
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