If we run   this tiny fu expression on gimp 2.6
(gimp-procedural-db-proc-arg "gimp-layer-get-name" 0), we get:
(16 "drawable" "The drawable")

on gimp master, we are getting (0 "item" "The item")  - actually, we
are getting "0" back for any parameter
derived of gimp-item.  This completly breaks PDB parameter
introspection. Languuage bindings - including
the python bindings depend on this to correctly return the correct
GIMP_PDB_* constant to work.
(scheme works because it treats all GIMP objects  as an integer (by
their IDs) and has no type checking)

Can someone find-out what broke this? Maybe it is a use case for the
famous "git bisect" thing - but I don't
have a setup to try that.


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