I want to perform geometric transforms on the selection in a script.

First I thought I would find a specific procedure for that (the "manual" 
transforms can act on selections as well as on layers and paths) but I 
didn't find any. Then I figured out that the selection was a drawable so 
I could use the procedure for drawables. Unfortunately this procedure 
produces a floating selection (even when working on the selection itsef) 
and I can't get a transformed selection from that.

As far as my tests go, I can also use it on channels, so I started 
looking into something like:
- save selection to channel
- apply transform to channel (the result appears as a floating selection 
in the Layers dialog)
- merge down the result... and it is added to the saved selection 
channel! So I would have to clear that channel before merging down?

At that points things look a bit too complicated and I doubt I'm doing 
it the right way...  So what is the trick?

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