John Culleton wrote:
> We also have a whole fistful of plug-ins written in a compiler language.

Most, if not all, of the compiled plug-ins for GIMP (that ship with it) are 
written in C.

> 1. In the script-fu examples: functions or modules or whatever within Gimp 
> itself are called by certain names and fed certain values. Do these 
> identical names work in Python also? I see no centralized list of functions 
> by name. 

The GIMP procedure names called by plug-ins can be found in the Procedure 
Browser located under the Help menu. You may need to make some adjustments 
to the procedure names and constants you see listed based on the language 
you will be using for your script. There are differences such as whether 
GIMP_ is used in constants and whether procedure names use - or _. You can 
determine the differences by looking at the Procedure Browser information 
and comparing it to example scripts.

> 2. Does it really matter to Gimp in what language the script or plug-ins 
> are written?

You can use any language to create scripts for use with GIMP providing that 
you have a binding (ie. some routines written to provde the glue) to tie 
calls made in the language to the appropriate procedures in GIMP.

Language bindings exist for Perl, Python, Scheme, and Ruby.

>  But is that registration process  also just another call to a
> module written in C?

Yes, the registration process is just a call to one or more procedures 
within GIMP. There is a register procecedure so your script can be accessed 
by other plug-ins or scripts and another register procedure that will make 
your procedure accessible from the menus. If your script needs inputs, the 
register block allows you to set up the information for the parameters you 
want people to be able to set before the script beings its real work. Again, 
you can look at the example scripts and plug-ins on how this is done.
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