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> One final thougt: CMYK support subject was touched more than once on this
> list, but I think we should consider much broader view on the matters of
> printing. CMYK is only most often used set of colorants but there are much
> more colorants out there. Having native CMYK would be cool thing but even
> cooler would be to be able to add more colorants to prepared images. What
> about having "metallic" overprint/underprint in your projects? What about
> Hexachrome? Sure, one could prepare image in wide enough RGB (example ;))
> and rely on profiles with hexachrome or prepare metallic layer in separate
> file but hey… one could also edit RGB files stored channel by channel in
> separate files but what for?

Note that GIMP does offer support for such a a "manual spot-color"
workflow through the use of Channels - it can work for jobs sporting
one or more distinct spot ink such as metallic or fluorescent.
Although there is no preview or separation for that, at least one can
edit everything in the same .xcf project and export to distinct files.

As for yor other comments, even though they might express a need of
some designers, as you stated, they are not in current GIMP road map
neither seem as a  goal of the program. If one is willing to ditch
color profiling alltogether, and wants to compose an image work only
with colorant intensity, it should be clear that GIMP's code base does
not support that, and another program should be used, unless it can be
achieved with the naive approach offered by image Channels.



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> tb
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