> 2011/5/30 Enrico Schröder <enni.schroe...@gmail.com>:
>>        Martin Nordholts <mailto:ense...@gmail.com>
>> 30. Mai 2011 11:04
>> Hi again
>> How's it going?
>> Best regards,
>> Martin
> Hi Martin,
> sorry for the long pause, finished my exams last week (with moderate
> success...) ;)
> Been working on the widget again to get it ready for the initial upload.
> Many things are missing and incomplete, but basic parsing and communication
> between two entries is functional. Right now I'm working on integration of
> the GimpUnit system into the GimpEevl unit resolver callback.
> I also updated the schedule on TaskTaste into smaller steps. Not everything
> is listed there, but I will add tasks as soon as they come to my mind.
> Maybe I will do the initial commit later today. Will my repository be set up
> or can I do that manually?
> Best regards,
> Enrico


I hope the exams went well after all ;)

You got your GNOME git keys, right? If so, you can create a feature
branch yourself in the GIMP git.

# create your local branch
git checkout -b local-branch origin/master
# Do some changes...

# Create/push to the feature branch
git push origin local-branch:soc-2011-gimpsizeentry

# Every now and then
git merge origin/master

I would like task sizes at
http://tasktaste.com/projects/enni/gimpsizeentry to be at most 1 week
so we have a chance to follow up on the progress. Once you have
created your branch, I will set up our nightly builder at
http://gimptest.flamingtext.com:8080/ to create nightly tarballs of
your branch so people can easily try it out.

Looking forward to look at your first pushed commit :)

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