On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 7:04 PM, Dominic Canare wrote:
> What's the difference? Is there a benefit? When you open a multi-image TIFF
> in GIMP, it gives you the option of importing the images as layers, and that
> works just fine. I guess I just don't understand what that feature would
> provide for GIMP users (or anyone else, really).
> If there's a real benefit (and you can point me to some documentation), I'd
> consider putting some energy into it. But honestly, good TIFF support seems
> to be in relatively low demand (this bug report was filed over 5 years
> ago!).

Desktop publishing is one of the areas where it makes sense. E.g.
Scribus can read multilayered TIFF files with clipping paths. The only
other supported file format like that is PSD :)

In photography reading and saving multilayered TIFF files makes sense
too -- you read it in the original report.

Finally, this is a question of being able to interact with the world
outside. If a client asks you to save multilayered TIFF file for
him/her, would you want to say "Sorry, can't do that, I use GIMP"?

Alexandre Prokoudine
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