I am quite pleased to announce that I have written a plugin for the Gimp that 
can load and save images in the WebP format. I have listed it on the Gimp 
plugin registry here. I had also posted the announcement on the WebP Google 
Group page here, and I was asked if there was any way this could be included in 
the next Gimp release.
At this point I should mention that this is the first Gimp plugin I have 
written, so I have probably made some rather embarassing errors without 
realizing it. I basically just followed the tutorial on developer.gimp.org and 
took a look at the BMP and JPG plugins to get an idea of how they work. The 
plugin uses the libwebp library to encode / decode the images.

So in summary, I have no idea whether including this plugin in the Gimp is 
feasible or not. Either way, I would be very grateful if someone who knew a 
little more than me about plugin development went through the relatively short 
.c source for the plugin and let me know if there are any silly mistakes or 
potential errors in the code. (I would certainly like this plugin to be the 
very best it can be no matter where it ends up.)
Thanks again,- Nathan
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