on Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 1:13 PM, Jeremy Morton wrote:

> Hi all,
> Several times now it has occurred to me that it would be useful to be
> able to modify alpha transparency of pixels selected.  I can already
> modify their colour in numerous ways (brightness/contrast, colorize,
> invert, etc.) so why not alpha transparency?  Right now, the way you
> have to do it is clunky.  You select the pixels, 'cut' them, paste them
> onto a new layer, modify that layer's transparency, and merge it down
> into the original layer again.  Why not add some functions to increase
> selected pixels' opacity, reduce it, or set them to a given value (0-255)?
You can also use the curves/levels dialogs on the alpha channel directly to
accomplish all those tasks.

-Rob A>
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