2011/8/27 Cristian Secară <li...@secarica.ro>:
> On Fri, 26 Aug 2011 22:01:03 +0300, Alexia Death wrote:
>> > Any chance to make them available in the .po files ?
>> Most of the tings you point to are resource names contained within the
>> resources. It's not possible to translate them.
> :(
> (bad design of code ? lack of i18n support is a bit strange)
The problem isnt with code. These strings do not originate from the
code. Thats the main point. These names are contained withing resource
files. Some of these are provided by default but users can add any
number of them and name them whatever they want. They can also remove
the default set and make their own reusing the names in the default
set. It would be quite confusing if names of resources started
changing suddenly.

> Just curious – this also apply for "Core Pointer" string ?
Similar, but not the same. It's the device name provided by your X
server. If you had a tablet connected it would list those too with
their X names. Keeping the names untranslated is nessecary, because
you may need to use/find them in external config utilities and such.

>> However, the "enter tags" bit should be marked translatable.
> That one *is* already available for translation, sorry, it was my fault
> on it.
Then the only valid item is covered.

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