On 09/15/2011 03:15 AM, Alexia Death wrote:
>> Inputs that mapping does not make sense:
>> Direction (0-1 = 0-360 deg)
>> Random
> Doesn't make sense how? Look at GPS. Random is made rather good use of
> in some presets and direction has its uses as well.

What I mean is it doesn't make sense for the direction to have any other
mapping than from 0 to 360 degrees of the stroke to become 0 to 1 of the
direction dynamics input.

All the input mapping idea is for is to map the physical input from the
device or mouse to the dynamics input in a way that is natural for the
user.  It is not meant to do anything more exotic, all that can be done
in the dynamics themselves.  You've mentioned that something like this
is already there for the tablet axis in the form of curves under
settings.  So a user can already use these to map how input from the
device would become input for the dynamics, what pressure or tilt range
is natural for them. (I don't own a tablet yet so I wasn't previously
aware these are already there.)

Since these settings are already there, then my idea is reduced simply
to having velocity dynamic configured as well so two different users
with different ideas of what is slow and fast could still have their
idea of slow mapped as 0 and their idea of fast mapped as 1 for the
velocity dynamic, even if just using a mouse.

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