Hello Folks

The help system is now added to the current cvs version of Gimp. This
means that if you press F1 on every thing besides XXXX-Fu you will get a
stub help page to read.

The important thing now is that if you add or change the behavior of a
dialog or tool in such way that the help page has to be adjusted. It would
be very appreciated if you mail either me or Mitch
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>. We can then add/adjust the help page. 

The files are as I said just stubs Karin will start to add all the text
after we return from ALS. Most of the text is already prepared. We
will probably have a very good working help system shortly after we
return ALS.

Cheers Olof

PS: I must once again thanks Mitch and Sven for making the help system


Olof Kylander  Frozenriver Digital Design   http://www.frozenriver.nu

Consultant at Sigma nBiT

Technical writer and coauthor of GUM (the Gimp User Manual)

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