Benjamin B. Thomas ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I just noticed in 1.1.9 that right clicking on either the current
> foreground or background color in the tool box does nothing (until
> you drag it, that is). It seems like it would be extremely useful to
> have this produce a drop down list display of the last N colors used
> as either the foreground or background, respectively. 
> I apologize if there is already an easy way to select a recently
> used color, and I missed how to use it. 

We discussed this Idea at the Meeting in Goeteborg and considered it
as a new feature. So IMHO we should wait until 1.2 is out.

It would be way cool - but please for brushes, patterns and Gradients
too :-)

But we should make the right button work like the left button.
Probably a one-liner :-)


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