Hi all, 

I encountered some problems when I tried to update my script-fu script to
run on gimp 1.1.10.

In the former script I used "(gimp-convert-indexed image TRUE 256)" to
convert an image from rgb-mode to indexed. To do the same thing with gimp
1.1.10 I tried:
(gimp-convert-indexed img 0 0 256 0)

...and several derivations of that with more or less options. It didn't

The scripts that came with the full archive of gimp 1.1.10 contain some
scripts that use this function and they do not work either:
gimp-headers.scm, gimp-labels.scm, spinning_globe.scm.

Has anyone got a hint or even a working script? I really don't want to
"fallback" to a gimp version < 1.1.!


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