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>If you click on a font-selector button in a script-fu dialog box, select a
>font, then click the button again, you are presented with a script-fu
>segfault (this is only in GTK 1.2.5-1.2.6).  Normally, if you use a script
>with a fontselector in it, script-fu will crash when it is done executing
>(even if you leave it at the default font, and have that font installed)  
>when trying to dispose the window.  Interesting note: this does *not*
>happen in the "glossy" script.  It still exhibits the "crash on second
>click" behavior, but it does *not* crash when the script is run and
>finishes.  Is this related to a problem in deleting the window or
>font-preview button?
>Also, by the method names that I see in the stacktraces I am getting from
>this, I get the impression that the button is supposed to be displaying
>the font that is currently selected.  This is not the case on
>GTK+1.2.[56], it simply shows the default font.  (I haven't had a chance
>to test this at all with other gtk/glib versions, aside from a quick
>3-minute run with 1.2.3 to prove that it only happens w/ my version.
>Others in #gimp have tried this and demonstrated that pattern as well.)

This bug also appair on the OS/2 version and i'm debugging it.
The GDK global variables isn't set correct and can cause crash.
So gtk_init(), gdk_init () isn't called from script-fu.  Maybe the arguments to 
script-fu is missing ?

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