> Gimp 1.1.10 sometimes segfaults when the mouse is moved
> above or below the window dureing a free select. I've
> attached a patch that seems to fix it. The problem was an
> unchecked variable in scan_convert.c. There is a similar but
> unrelated problem when the mouse is moved to the left of the
> window. I haven't found that bug yet.
> Ben

Hmm... I think I have already fixed these problems in the latest CVS version
of gimp.

Looking at your description & the area you have made the patch in I think that 
is the same problem that I found while running with dmalloc enabled.

The fix I did was slightly different in that the scanlines were still added
but they were bounded by the image size (see change in cvs around Wed Oct 13 
21:37:51 BST 1999).

Anyways thanks for your help...



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