I got some significant improvements in print quality in the latest
version on my web site.  These improvements are probably specific to
the Epson Stylus Photo printers; the gamma and density values were all

There are some other changes, too:

1) A density control (this is multiplied by the printer's density
   value that feeds into the LUT computation).

2) The gamma control has been completely redone.  It is now divided by
   the printer gamma correction factor to derive a true printer
   gamma.  This means that you should always start with the gamma
   correction at 1.0 and adjust from there (it's now reasonable to
   start with ALL controls at 1.0).  It also means that the gamma
   adjustment will have the opposite effect of what it previously had,
   but the new meaning is, I believe, correct.

Another oddity I noticed tonight -- for some reason (I'm not sure what
I changed), my printer's printing very slowly, but very high quality
-- none of the usual microweave banding, it's perfectly smooth.
That's OK by me.  Printing at high resolution SHOULD yield the very
best possible quality.

I've also included a binary (for Gimp 1.1.0 and glibc 2.1) in the
distribution package, to save people some effort.  Regis, could you
try this binary (it's the exact bits I'm using right now to print one
of my favorite test patterns).

http://www.tiac.net/users/rlk/print.tar.gz, as usual.

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