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On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 01, 1999 at 12:12:28PM +0100, Olof S Kylander wrote:
> > Well see in your own mail below where you say use PS mod keys/short cuts.
> > When you move a PS selection you move the selection it self. You aren't
> > making it into a floating selection. See more below. I'm just saying use
> > "to float" if you want to have a floating selection. 
> This has a point. However, you _can_ use "Quickmask" to apply
> transformations to selections with the normal tools, just make sure your
> background color is set to 'black', since the background color of a mask is
> usually black.

Well talk about generating "help" mails ;-). 

> > Well what about how you move a selection is PhotoShop? Gimp uses the total
> > opposite of PhotoShop and many other Win/Mac image manipulation programs.
> > 
> > I say if you want a float use "to float", don't "force" an unaware user
> > into floating selections.
> I think this might be good. Though then the user needs to know that he needs
> to "float" a selection. If he doesnt know, a danger of 4-letter words is
> near also in this case.

Maybe but as you also say Cut&Paste is more common in the comp world.
Beside that if you really want a float you most of the time don't want to
move it, and then you use "to float".

> Basically the quickmask mode helps to perform the task without too much
> effort, but Olof's idea might make the concept easier to understand. Some
> people have problems when they try to use the selection tools to draw
> ellipses and rectangles. Maybe this could make it more clear that selections
> are selections, you use them to _fill_ them with something. You first create
> a selection, manipulate it if you need, and then fill it or something. Or
> cut parts of image with them.
> You can always "Cut&Paste" the selection (or Select -> Float) to get
> the float, and I think this is pretty intuitive for those who have some
> computing background?

I also think so so why not change the behavior to not create a float?

> This actually works pretty well, but like I said, you need to check your
> background color to avoid leaving ugly cut-out areas in the canvas.

Well see my above comment about help mail generating ;-). It's not funny
to write about work arounds in the Help system.

> True. The GUI is as important as the core. Both things affect the user
> experience :) I understand Olof is concerned about the GUI because he has
> the GUM to write and to keep it up to date. It is much more fun to write
> about stuff that is clean and consistent :) 

Well, actually the help system this time. When I started to convert it to
1.2 it was painfully obvious that we had a inconsistent way of handling
mod-keys and selections. My plan is to make the help sys and then GUM
since after making the help I got the core text to GUM.

And the good part is, he also is
> willing to help in the programming.
Maybe a little but I'm filled up with Airbrush, Help, GUM 1.0.X and GUM
1.2 and GUT 1.2.  

Cheers Olof

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