> I've been hacking at the internals of the transform tool, but until
> now I hadn't looked at how it worked from the outside. It's just not
> right! You need to be able to set the transform by swapping between
> modes (rotate/shear/scale/perspective - plus move), adding to the
> existing transform at each stage, and checking the result (probably
> with no smoothing, for speed). Once it's right, the final transform
> should be done in one step from the original layer. Right now, it's
> not very useful for real work. (Can some users back me on this?) This
> is independent of how it handles selections, of course.

Sounds like a nice idea! But I think it is definitely a past 1.2 issue!
Why don't you just hack it if you feel like doing so and we'll add it
right after the 1.2 release.

Salut, Sven

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