Just my 2 cents:

As I stated earlier, I'm against declaring a freeze that totally stops 
development and leaves the application in an inconsistent state. On the
other hand I think that only a few inconstistencies are left now. Those
can be figured out in a much shorter time then the release date Olof 

IMHO we should now really stop to add fancy new stuff and make a 
definitive list if inconsistencies together with definitive ways to 
solve them. I guess making these design decisions will be the hard work,
coding that stuff should be doable in a few weeks. 

There are a few major decisions to make that come to my mind:

 - declare a list of stuff that needs to be done for consistency
 - reorganization of the modifier keys
 - look over the plug-ins to see which one are stable enough to be included,
   fix the others or move them into plugins-unstable
 - reorganization of the menu structure (mostly with respect to plug-ins)

Discussing these issues means that someone needs to make a list of the current
state, propose a solution and lead the following discussion by updating the
proposal until we can settle on a solution. Then developers can start making
the necessary changes. 

Some of you will eventually remember that we did such a thing for the menu 
structure before 1.0 was released. I wasn't developing much at that time and
found that organizing this task was a proper way to contribute. This time I 
don't feel like doing it again, but I always hoped that after the freeze 
someone would see the need for this and raise his hand.

Especially if you are benefiting from The GIMP by writing books about it, you 
should consider using your talent to help the developers making The GIMP a 
better product. Making well-thought design decisions is a time-consuming job
and as a developer you often don't have the time, the overview or even the 
motiviation. We depend on you!

Salut, Sven

PS: Someone mentioned that using the PhotoShop meodifier keys would be a good
    idea. Sorry, I don't have PhotoShop here. Can someone please mail a copy 
    the list ;-)  Or better: just mail a list of the used modifiers!

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