> Now I download sources for mpeg.c and have found that plugin crashes after 
>   gimp_progress_update (1.0);
> on line 320. I am not specialist in GIMP sources but it seems to me that this 
> call invoked "for illustration only". Thus I comment this line. After this 
> GIMP loads mpeg successfully and it seems to me that GIMP can process the file
> in a correct way.

I doubt that this line is the reason for the crash. If you have downloaded the
source for the mpeg plug-in you will probably have noticed that it contains
a patch for older versions of mpeg_lib:

 * USING MPEG_LIB WITH THIS PLUGIN:  mpeg_lib 1.2.1 can be found   *
 * at ftp://ftp.mni.mcgill.ca/pub/mpeg/ - however, mpeg_lib 1.2.x  *
 * contains a bug in end-of-stream reporting, which will cause it  *
 * to crash in conjunction with this plugin.  I enclose a simple   *
 * patch below which fixes the problem (or at least the symptom.;))*
 *    Addendum: mpeg_lib 1.3.0 is now released and much better!    *

However while looking at plug-ins/mpeg.c I found the following lines
which look suspicious to me:

  temp = g_malloc (strlen (filename) + 16);
  if (!temp) gimp_quit ();
  g_free (temp);

This quits the whole Gimp process if memory runs out! Why would someone 
want to do this? Ok, bad things will happen anyway if we run out of memory,
but wouldn't quitting the plug-in and removing the halfway created image 
be enough eventually? 

So, who feels responsible for this plug-in ??

Salut, Sven

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