Nick Lamb wrote:

> Is there some reason why people who fix bugs from the bug-tracker (and
> even note that fact in their CVS commit) don't log a close, or even a
> "probably fixed, please test..." message to the appropriate bugs?
> If it's just lack of time, I understand but I wondered if there was
> some other reason...?
> Nick.

I suspect everyone is busy.

I also fear the bug tracking system suffers from version latency bloat. A

number of bugs that have been resolved are reported again as new
items. Many people work with the semi-stable developer's releases, and
these lag CVS to varying degrees. And while Xach's form has a link to
the current Changelog, it is not always easy to relate terse language
in the ChangeLog with observed behavior in a less-than- current
developer's releases.

Anyway, the following open items, I believe, can be regarded as
resolved or near-resolved and I vote for their closure; for the most
part they are related to patches I've supplied; I have not been able
to reproduced the original behavior since the application of related

#2202: MapObject causes gimp to crash

>> drawable_cmds CVS-1.27 Nov 1 1999 (neo)
>> * app/drawable_cmds.c
>>     * tools/pdbgen/pdb/drawable.pdb: applied (a modified version of) a

>>      patch from Garry R. Osgood <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> that should fix bug
>>      and problems with the Warp plug-in.

Since then I have not been able to reproduce the crash; others are
welcome to test.

#2261: [gimp-bug] Offset causes Gimp crash
#2382: offset sometimes crashes gimp

>>  channel_ops.c CVS-1.23 Oct 24 1999 (neo)
>>  * app/channel_ops.[ch]: applied a patch from Garry R. Osgood that
>>    seems to fix bugs #2261 and #2382 (crashes when using offset).
>>    A few more changes made the dialog actually work...

Since then I have not been able to reproduce the crash; others are
welcome to test.

#2414: [gimp-bug] Moving Floating Selections Leaves Artifacts
#2879: [gimp-bug] Droppings left when moving floating layer

>>     Related to bug was reported by SHIRASAKI Yasuhiro
>>     <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> in #2166: "[gimp-bug] texttool with
>>     spreads garbage." which was closed by Zach Beane - MINT
>>     <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> at Yasuhiro's  request. Upgrade to GTK+ 1.2.5
solved the artifiact
>>     problem.

I upgraded to GTK+ 1.2.5 and that removed the artifacts I was
seeing. I sent a close request to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Seth Burgess submitted #2879; when he upgraded to Gtk+ 1.2.5, his
artifacts went away as well.

#2515: [gimp-bug] Layer mask previews are not updating
#3059: [gimp-bug] Renaming Auxiliary Channels (such as saved selections)

>>  I believe likely related to #2384 [gimp-bug] Doubleclicking
>>  on selection masks/quickmasks doesn't work.
>>  channels_dialog.c CVS-1.58 Oct 16 05:50 (mitch)
>>  * app/channels_dialog.c: applied gimp-gosgood-991011-0.patch, so
>>  double-clicking on the channel widget pops up the attributes
>>  dialog again.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] reported #2515; in separate e-mail he told me
that he was working with a pre-patched version at the time. I do not know

if he has upgraded and retested.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] reported #3059; I sent e-mail suggesting the
with #2384 and requested that he check again with a later version; I have

not heard from him.

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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