On Monday, 8 Nov 1999, Asbjoern Pettersen wrote:

> The GIMP's modules for OS/2 need some extra handling.
> It's copied into the 3-4 modules C files and it's also not
> updated.  I want to clean up this code.

The same problem was occurring on Solaris2.  Yosh has now tweaked some
of the libtool options so that it should now work.  Do these fixes for
Solaris2 also fix the problem under OS/2?

> I suggest to create a new file called modregister.c and put
> all the "register" things there. Modules have to link the new file.
> The will be no new features only a cleaner design.

I'm all for a cleaner design.  Ideally we should be doing the same
thing for all architectures, rather than using nasty #ifdefs

Also, still to be fixed with the module code is a version check as
suggested by Tim Janik a long time ago, and unloading modules from the
idle loop (which should make the perl module self-unloadable).

I'm not particularly happy with the OS/2 solution, it seems a little
ugly, but I'm not sure why exactly I don't like it.


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