Nick Lamb ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Loading a large image (*): Wait about 2 mins, loader finishes and now
> after a further couple of minutes the image is drawn, however later
> performance is slightly faster than in the default case above.
> (*) A large image here is one which genuinely WILL NOT fit in memory,
> by any stretch of the imagination. It is a JPEG tiled TIFF (nasty!) of
> dimensions 7274x9985 and in full 24-bit colour.

Hi Nick,

That is one large image you have there. I'm using filmscans and
PhotoCD (base 5) images which are of the order of 2500x4000. On a
128 MB machine with a tile-cache-size of 80M everything is going
quite slow. Adjusting the tile-cache-size doesn't make things go
faster for me.

If the image doesn't fit into memory then operating on it will take a
long time anyway. IMHO it is silly to optimize for this case at
the (very considerable) expense of the much more common image
dimensions. I'm doing my own image processing using non tiling images
and not only is it much more pleasant to program for, it is also much

  --  Ewald

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