I haven't got many responses to my last mail (two votes to be exact), so I
ask you once again. Speak up now or be quiet later!!

Please check out CVS and test the blend tool (or apply the patch included 
in my previous mail). Then decide which way you prefer:

Holding <Shift> restricts you to 15 degrees and puts the endpoint 
on the circle you are defining with your mouse and the startpoint.

Holding <Ctrl> restricts you to 15 degrees too, but puts the endpoint
on a rectangle defined by your mouse and the closest 15-degrees angle.

The question is not which key to use (I'm planning to use Ctrl for it), 
but which way of constraining movements to 15 degrees feels better. This
only applies to the line draw mode of the paint tools and to the blend

Now vote!!

Salut, Sven 

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