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> I realise that this may be considered sacrilege;

NOOO... No problem... you're welcome!

> week looking for documentation on how to go about interfacing to gimp,
> but have not come across any documentation explaining interfacing to
> gimp via a C or C++ API.
> I'm not clear on whether the interface would be done via Gtk, the PDB
> or via some other interface.

You interface your scripting language via PDB calls in the
libgimp. Probably the easiest route to scripting is to implement wrappers
for gimp_main and gimp_call_procedure2 in rexx.

These two functions alone allow you to start a plug-in (and enter gimp_main)
and then subsequently call pdb functions. The trickiest thing is to write a
converter between GParam's and Rexx and vice versa.

Well, and some syntactic sugar would be nice as well ;)

After having done that you might choose to write some interface dialog
(like script-fu) or give the full power of Gtk to your script users (get a
Gtk+ interface for rexx).

> Any pointers on what documentation is available and where it is would
> be appreciated.

Read the include files for libgimp and some example sources, like the
tcl plug-in (or python and perl, but these I think are more difficult to

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