Hi. I've browsed the archives, read libgimp.h for both 1.0.4 and
1.1.11, but still not found an answer to this question, which is very
central to me at the moment: is it possible, from a plug-in, to learn
when an open image changes?

Currently, my plug-in uses a gtk_timeout_add() callback to get and
_compare_, pixel for pixel, the image in GIMP with an internal copy,
in order to determine when the image changes. Obviously, this sucks,
since the GIMP must have this information in one form or another
internally. I thought about hacking around in the code, since things
like the undo handling might need this info too, but didn't feel up
to it.

I don't care which resolution I can get the "changed" information at,
one bit per image would suffice (then I can just keep my internal
comparison, using the bit from GIMP as a trigger), but finer
resolution would be useful and improve performance in my plug-in...

I read in the plug-in developer's "guide" at
<http://www.oberlin.edu/~kturner/gimp/doc/> that there might be work
underway for this in 1.1.x, but didn't see any traces of that in

Any ideas?



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