On Tue, Nov 23, 1999 at 04:28:48AM +0100, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> It often ends up with gimp spinning in an endless loop or a segfault or
> corrupted images (including undo).

Eeek! This is definitely something wrong in the current implementation
rather than a missing feature, I wonder if all these tile-level probs
are one thing or many???

> > case I can't see that they should be. I remember that context (brushes,
> > gradients, palette settings) is global and that can cause problems for
> > scripts that _change_ them, but shouldn't for most plug-ins. Is there
> > anything else?
> Yes, tile access is also not locked. However, most users seem to have
> learned that gimp is single-task-per-app for some operations, and
> single-task-per-image for almost all operations.

I'm not sure what you want here, I agree that running something on Layer1
and then something else on Layer2 should work (modulo lack of contexts)
but what SHOULD happen if I try to Blur a layer while Rotating the whole
image that layer is part of? A corrupted image seems like a plausible
result to me...

> > Or have I missed something dreadful?
> Not really. I also think it should work (modulo image corruption), but in
> practise it does not seem to behave that nice. But that might be another
> bug.

Yeah, can you file a bug for anything which actually blows up in a
reproducible manner when used for the multiple plug-ins/ multiple targets
case? At least tigert and I are regularly using Gimp in this way, and I
wouldn't be surprised to hear that others do too (seems natural to me)


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