> Hi all,
> I just studied the GtkItemFactory code...
> It seems we're doing _many_ useless translations in the menu system.
> For example all calls to menus_set_sensitive() et.al. are using strings
> which are marked with N_().
> However it's totally sufficient to pass the untranslated (english)
> text to _all_ item factory functions because GtkItemFactory uses
> the translate function _only_ when creating the menu labels.
> These label are never touched after creation, as the menu paths are
> stored separately and untranslated.
> I'm quite sure that I got the semantics of the item factory code
> right. Could anyone verify this please? It could save us lots of
> work and reduce the size of the po files drastically...

I think you are right that marking the strings for translation is not 
needed in a few places, but changing this will not significantly reduce
the size of the po files since duplicate strings are only listed once
in the gimp.pot file.

BTW: I came to the conclusion that plug-ins should register their menu
entries using the N_(...) macro, not the _(...) macro. This is now done
inconsistently. As my setup still suffers from the problem that all 
plug-in menu paths are translated to "Datei", I can not really test if
I'm correct here. What do you think?

Salut, Sven


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