Here's a patch to get standalone GtkXMHTML working (as the subject
suggests). It's not ideal (in particular it doesn't check for
gtk-xmhtml/gtk-xmhtml.h, since I don't know how to include the 
glib path in the check), but at least it compiles and works on
my system. If anybody finds it to be useful, could they please
do a CVS commit?

---    Tue Nov  2 20:41:25 1999
+++        Tue Nov 23 17:59:34 1999
@@ -512,6 +512,12 @@
 if test "$GNOME_CONFIG" = "no"; then
+  dnl Test for standalone GtkXMHTML widget
+  AC_CHECK_LIB(gtkxmhtml, gtk_xmhtml_new,
+    GTKXMHTML_LIBS="$GLIB_LIBS -lgtkxmhtml"
+    HELPBROWSER=helpbrowser,
+    AC_MSG_WARN(*** Help browser plug-in will not be built (GtkXMHTML library not 
+found) ***))
   GTKXMHTML_CFLAGS=`$GNOME_CONFIG --cflags gnomeui`
   GTKXMHTML_LIBS=`$GNOME_CONFIG --libs gtkxmhtml`

PS: The autoconf documentation explicitly states that semicolons
should _not_ be used to separate statements (instead use a space
or a newline), but still I see this some places in

/* Steinar */

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