> I think we should first find out why some people having the same setup
> (libc, gtk, glib versions) do not suffer from this problem (me) while
> others do.
> The only common element I have seen is that the people having this
> problem use redhat, while the people not having this problem do not
> use redhat. (For example LANG=de has no efefct on most redhat systems,
> except that perl complains that setlocale failed. This does not happen
> with the same glibc on other distributions).
> Sven, do you use redhat? anybody here with the same problem but not on
> redhat?

I'm not understanding this thread 100%, but I'd like to volunteer to plot
another data-point on this graph.  I have RedHat 6.1, intel.  How do I
test to see if I have this problem?

I guessed it would be

$ export LANG=something
$ gimp

but using LANG=fr didn't do *anything*, let alone make all of my menus say
the same thing ... if it is relevant, I'm using GNOME.


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