> >BTW: I came to the conclusion that plug-ins should register their menu
> >entries using the N_(...) macro, not the _(...) macro. This is now done
> >inconsistently.
> I agree that for the plug-ins placed out of <Image>/Filters
> hierarchy like "<Image>/Layers/Rotate/180 degrees". But how will we
> treat menus like <Image>/Filters/Blur. should we use dummyMenus[]
> for the all menus under <Image>/Filters and <Image>/Script-Fu ?

The string gets passed through menu_translate when the labels are build, so
it should work for all menus. Hmm, I have now changed this. If I was wrong 
I volunteer to go through the plug-ins again. Please don't just revert the
change as the main work was changing the dialog layout (actionarea only) so 
the plug-ins follow the GIMP standard (still lots of work left in that area).

Salut, Sven

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