> Some of you might have noticed that my previous message assumes that
> there is a PDB call allowing a script to check if undo is enabled or
> disabled on the current image.  Alas, there is not such thing in the
> current version of the GIMP.  I don't know if this was a design
> decision ("no plug-in is supposed to mess with this undo stuff") or if
> it was an oversight, but this would be very useful in the scenario
> that I described.
> So here is a small patch (2 KB) that adds this function.  You can see
> this patch as a bugfix (because it will be used to fix the undo bugs
> in Script-Fu) or as a new feature that should therefore be rejected
> because of the feature freeze...

I'd say lets call the function gimp_image_is_undo_enabled () since it
returns a boolean value.

Salut, Sven

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