Raphael Quinet ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Olof and others mentioned here that it is important for the GIMP to
> have a consistent interface.  One of the inconsistencies that should
> be fixed before 1.2 is the fact that many scripts (mostly Script-Fu)
> are not undoable.  Making these scripts undo-aware is a prerequisite
> for moving them from the "Script-Fu" menu to the "Filters" menu or
> some other location.  So I started thinking about this a bit...

A short notice to this topic: Even a "normal" (C-implemented) is
not undoable by default (IIRC). This may be the case, if it just
fiddles around in some shadow-tiles and handles them correctly.
But if you have to handle several layers and do some PDB-Calls
you wend up quickly with the same unwanted effect as with the scripts.

I had this problem, when I ported the pagecurl plugin.

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