I do not really like being asked wether a multilayer image should be
flattened before save because it might not be an animation (or vice versa).

Sven, what do you think if we had a parasite as hint, e.g.

"is_animation" (IMAGE, PERSISTENT)
        If exists (without content), indicated that the image is a
        multilayer image describing an animation.
        If it does not exist then the multiple layers describe a single
        image (as usual)

This would be a hint that the export facility can skip asking the user wether
he wants to flatten the image.

OTOH, we could combine the hint an some mroe useful parasite (more useful for
the future):

"interframe-delay" (IMAGE|LAYER, PERSISTENT)
        Specifies the default delay in seconds between frames of an
        animation, as a ratio in the form "n/d" (n and d are integers).
        The image parasite gives the default interframe delay, the layer
        parasite can override it.

The existance of an image or layer parasite would server as an indicator
that this is an animation. File-plug-ins can/should still create/parse the
layer name, but in the future we might store this information seperately.

What do you think?

(This would not need to touch the core, and the transition can be done
smoothly, i.e. upgrade plug-ins to create the parasites but do not read
them yet).

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