Hello GIMP developers!

I have just submitted a plug-in to the GIMP plug-in registry. I'm
happy to say that it seems to work, but sorry to say that it has a 
cosmetic defect that I've been unable to figure out how to fix.
I was hoping that someone on this list might take a look at it and
help me figure out what I am doing wrong.

The gory details:

The plug-in is called p2m_plugin, with source available at the
GIMP plug-in registry.  It installs five save_handlers which allow
you to save your image in a variety of EDA formats for inclusion
on a chip or PC board.  I have only tried to use it with 1.0.4,
which is where I am having the difficulty.

The difficulty is that the EDA formats, which have names AMPLE,
CIF, SKILL, SKILL43, and MAGIC, and file extensions named
.amp, .cif, .il, il43, and .mag sometimes show up *twice* in the
extensions submenu of the SAVE dialog.  They show up at the top of
the list in the order in which gimp_register_save_handler is called,
and then later in alphabetical order.  The plug-in requires an RGB*
drawable, and the alphabetical entries of the list are properly 
grayed out when saving an indexed or grayscale drawable, but the
entries at the top of the list are not grayed out.  Otherwise the
plug-in seems to work fine.

I tried to mimic other plug-ins which register save_handlers as
well as I could, but I seem to have introduced some subtle difference
that causes this behavior.  All other save plug-ins work fine on
my installation.   Also I have looked long and hard on dejanews
for evidence that someone else has had this problem but could not
find anything.

I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer with this problem
or any constructive criticism of the plug-in in general, as I am
a novice at this.   Thanks in advance for any help you may offer!

Steve Lipa

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