> Still, nothing is different!  However, 
> [glyph@helix ~]$ ls -al /opt/gimp/share/locale/

Ok... have you compiled gimp yourself to this location? If yes, maybe gimp
errornously installs its locale files somewhere else (and doesn'T find it

> That can't be good.  I've checked out a recent CVS ... nothing is
> installing into the Locale directory!

*cerebro:~# ll /usr/app/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root       105113 Nov 23 02:11 gimp.mo

(that's when I last typed "make install"). But, not surprisingly, LANG=fr
gives me a (sparsely translated) french gimp menu.

> I don't believe that's true ...


> Is there something I need to do to get gimp to be localized?  Thanks,

In theory (and in pratcise on my machine) all you need to do is "LANG=fr
gimp". This also happens to work on many machines, but it also does not
work on many others.

What does gettext --version (and locale --version) say on your system?

(Yes, I am just seeking the difference in setups)

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