Sven Neumann wrote:
> > >The string gets passed through menu_translate when the labels are build, so
> > >it should work for all menus. Hmm, I have now changed this.
> >
> > A problem is that there is no table for "<Image>/Filters/Blur/tearoff1"
> > or "<Image>/Filters/Blur" in gimp.pot or gimp-std-plgins.pot. The menu
> > translating function in gtk uses only a last item of menu path...
> >
> I'd vote for creating such menusentries in the core. Not only to solve this
> problem (that can eventually be solved another way), but so that we can put
> the Filter menus into a nice order with seperators etc.

Right. I will checkin a patch today which defines all submenus under
<Image>/Filters. And I've removed all predefined tearoff entries and defined
the menu branches instead. This gives us proper translation for the
submenus. (The tearoffs are built on the fly then).

However, I still didn't find out why my installation is unable to
lookup translations from "gimp-std-plugins".

Marc, to add an entry to your which-distribution-is-the-evil-one:

I use Suse 6.1, gettext 0.10.35 and glib, gtk and gimp from cvs (of course ;-)


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