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> Please note that "LANG=de" will not work

Really? It works fine on all my systems (and also some non-linux systems)
;) It does not work, though, on the redhat systems I recently saw.

> Please read the libc

>From the libc documentation:
"Later we will describe how to construct locales XXX."

Hmm, no help there.

> and gettext documentation for information about

>From the gettext documentation:
"For example, let's presume a German site.  At the shell prompt, users
merely have to execute `setenv LANG de' (in `csh') or `export LANG;
LANG=de' (in `sh')."

(I should have read that part of the info docs long ago, since it also
describes LINGUAS one page earlier!)

These kind of examples are scattered throughout the gettext documentation,

            /* Change language.  */                                                    
            setenv ("LANGUAGE", "fr", 1);                                              

I have not found a formal description of what goes into LANG, though,

So LANG=de is in full accordance with the gettext and libc documentation
(and unix documentation as well) AND actual reality.

> [LINGUAS is used to specify which languages you care about when
> installing translations; a French person may not want to have to
> install Chinese translations.]

Thanks for the explanation! This sounds highly useful ;)

I18N seems so highly complicated that everybody disagrees on how it works
on not :(

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