At 22:18 25.11.99 +0100, Jarda Benkovsky wrote:
>whenever I try to compile CVS Gimp, it crashes when compiling gdyntext
>- undefined symbol gdk_font_list_free
gdk_font_list_free is the counterpart of gdk_font_list_new, which are
- on X - wrappers to XListFonts / XFreeFontNames.
gdk_font_list_* have a slightly different implementation on Win32. 

Maybe the exporting of gdk_font_list_free on X is not yet done. (I'm one of
of the GimpWin hackers, but otherwise you should have similar problems
with gdk_font_list_new)

>I could find this symbol in win32 gtk files only, and since I do not
>have windoze, ... However, there are other plugins besides gdyntext
>which crash on similar things (gdk_root_parent).
As far as I've understood there is a general GDK reorganization in
progress (started from Owen Taylor, not yet finished at least on Win32).
IHMO the simpliest way to get a running Gimp again, would be to revert
to the previous version of GDK/GTK (Pre 1.3.0).

>Can somebody tell me what am I doing wrong? I have clean glib, gtk+
>and gimp checkouts, but it does not help :-(
see above. The gtk+ checkout seems to be the problem, although not 
verified on Linux.

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