> For me at least, i686 based RH 6.1 on two machines (one more "out of box"
> than the other, but neither of them's been extensively hacked) builds a
> working and i18n'd Gimp no problem.
> In French I can say "Fichier->New"
> and then choose "Type d'image RVB, OK"
> Resulting image is called "SansTitre-0.0"

Well, if would be working correctly, it would say "Fichier/Nouveau...".
And this is a bad example since most people seem to have problems with
the translation of the plugins. So the question is does if you get the
entry Fichier in lots of places where it shouldn't be. If you'd get it,
you'd know what I speak of (Fichier->Fichier->Fichier).

And, yes I can reproduce this on a set of different machines. There's no 
need to question Marc's statement...

Salut, Sven

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