On Sat, Nov 27, 1999 at 03:23:02AM +0100, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> We still need to work the perl plug-in names in. The problem is that
> gettext does not support this (and I see no way to modify the makerules
> without re-writing them totally. Just another reason why automake is
> evil).

Doesn't Perl have its own i18n mechanism which GimpPerl could use?

It make sense that GimpPerl would be consistent in behaving just like any
other Perl component for i18n as much as it does for everything else?

If Perl doesn't have any i18n, then (1) That sucks and (2) Gimp can't do
much about it. If I missed some stupidly obvious obstacle to this then
I apologise, I don't use GimpPerl so I don't know very much about it.


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