Michael Natterer wrote:
> But apart from the fact that the current implementation works, I'd still
> vote for putting _all_ translations (not only the menus but just any string)
> into _one_ gimp.mo file. (I don't see another way to correctly translate
> string which are defined in libgimp (e.g. widgets and used by both the gimp
> and it's plugins)

Better idea:

Let's create a separate "libgimp" textdomain and "libgimp/libgimp-intl.h"
which will define _() as dgettext("libgimp", (string)) instead of

This is the way gtk does it and it looks like the standard solution to
translate libraries. And it would ensure that the widgets' strings are
correctly translated in both the app and plugins.

As menu_translate() is the only function which has to know more than
one domain this might be better than creating one huge file for all

What do you think?


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