On 23 Nov, Michael Natterer wrote:

> It seems we're doing _many_ useless translations in the menu system.
> For example all calls to menus_set_sensitive() et.al. are using
> strings which are marked with N_().

 Note: A N_ mark is just a mark and as such an pseudo op. 
 It can't cause bigger executables or alike... But of course you are
 right that marking such items is senseless since they are already marked

> However it's totally sufficient to pass the untranslated (english)
> text to _all_ item factory functions because GtkItemFactory uses
> the translate function _only_ when creating the menu labels.

 We DO pass untranslated strings! N_ is a macro which gets replaced by
> I'm quite sure that I got the semantics of the item factory code
> right. Could anyone verify this please? It could save us lots of
> work and reduce the size of the po files drastically...

 It'll just save a little bit of preprocessing time and a few bytes is
 the .po file which won't influence the .mo file...



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