I should have posted this to the gimp-devel list in the first
place I guess.

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From: Paul E.C. Melis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Monday, 29 November, 1999 12:17
Subject: Missing png's in 1.1.13

>Hi everybody, I tried to compile version 1.1.13 but got errors about
>some missing PNGs (arrow01.png, ...) that were needed by the 
>Gimpressionist (they should be in the Brushes and Papers dir of
>the source tree, but weren't). They're not in the data-extra's,
>at least not in 1.0.0. Is the a gimp-data-extra-1.1.0, by the way?
>Other pix that seems to be missing is eek.png in the 'help' dir.
>Regards, Paul

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