Nick Lamb wrote:
> However, am I right in thinking that some of these Reset buttons ARE new?
> Is that because everything uses common code now? Otherwise it seems like
> this adds complexity, which conflicts with the goal of removing bugs.

Well, I added the "Reset" buttons to the ImageMap tools when cleaning up
their ui (spinbuttons instead of text entries). The "Curves" dialog already
had one and adding them to the rest of the tools was much less code
changing than the ui cleanup...
But what's with their position in the action area? I thought it would
be intuitive if "OK" was always next to "Cancel" and in an attack of
consistency-fanticism I did the same in File->New.

> > I must admit that it took me some time to get used to the new position and I'm
> > not really happy with the layout of the action_area, but this is something
> > that has to be discussed here. And this discussion should be calm,
> > productive and well-thought.
> Well, point (1) We really ought to change the defaults when quitting Gimp
> so that you don't lose work so very easily.

Definitely. Expect the default to be changed with my next checkin!!

> (2) Yeah, the new position isn't right. I don't know what is (tigert's
> suggestion sounds possible) but it's not this.

You mean [ "OK" "Reset" "Cancel" ] as it was before... I must admit this
sounds just as logical as my "OK next to Cancel" idea.
Aren't there some GNOME ui guidelines? At least I didn't find any.
We should agree on a definitive action area layout, what about another
boring poll ?-)

please vote:

1) "OK" leftmost, "Cancel" rightmost [ "OK" "Reset|Whatever" "Cancel" ]

2) "OK" next to "Cancel" [ "Reset|Whatever" "OK" "Cancel" ]

I volunteer to browse all dialogs and change them if I get any votes ;-)


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