Well... in every devel release, with gimp perl, I've been getting messages
like these below:
"xachshadow.pl: Unable to grok '0' as colour specifier at
/usr/local/lib/gimp/1.1/xachshadow.pl line 76 (ERROR)"

"script.pl, argument type Gimp::Drawable, Gimp::Layer or Gimp::Channel
expected (not Gimp::Image) at /usr/local/lib/gimp/1.1/script.pl line X

I wonder what it could be, since the modules are placed all right. It just
happens when I hit the 'ok' button, some stuff get done (not with all the
scripts) and then the error message appears.
I use Red Hat 6.0, glibc2.1, gimp 1.1.13 and perl 5.00503 (I'm updating
perl now to see if it solves any of these problems). I'm also using
Gtk Perl 0.6123, but it behaved the same way with previous versions.
Shed some light on my problem, please :)

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