|Hello everyone. I want to let you know about a very successful way to
|do business on the Internet. I own my own business and i have
|discovered that the best way to market my product is by simply letting
|my customers, see it before they buy.

Wow.  Wish I'd thought of that.  Sheer brilliance.
Maybe you should trademark and patent it...

|This Concept is called Shareware
|and it is availabe now thanks to the internet.

Aha.  The shareware I have seen on diskettes at stores
and swap meets, an din magazines, must have been something
else.  (Of course, so is the GIMP...)

|However, Shareware is
|only cost effective when your product is information based.If you would
|like to see how this method of Marketing works. You can check a site
|offers Free information using this concept. The site is
|www.wiseoldmule.com/members/TXGIRL50/index.shtmlHoping this information
|to be helpful JOYCE SCOTT 

Gee, www.wiseoldmule.com/members/TXGIRL50/index.shtmlHoping
seems to be a NOT FOUND...

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