Please use gimptool to build the plugin additional information (a
whole chapter) about compiling can also be found in the Gimp Users Manual

To build a plugin with gimptool simply do  gimptool --build plug-in.c .
NOTE that this only work with one c source file.

Cheers Olof


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On Sat, 11 Dec 1999, Willem Robert van Hage wrote:

> I've been searching for documentation about how to actually
> compile a plug in, but all I could find was how to write the code...
> I tried compiling it like this, 
> gcc -c myplug.c
> ld -G -o myplug.o
> but when gimp tries to load it from
> my ~/.gimp-1.1 (I use gimp-1.1.8) it gives a warning that the plugin has
> crashed.
> I'm pretty sure the problem is the way I compile it,
> because it's with all the plugin code I try, not just my hello world
> plugin :)
> if anybody could help out I'd greatly appreciate it.
> Willem
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