There are already Plans for a NaviagtorDialog Window
for the GAP, to provide a better GUI
for some of the GAP basic functions.

The Navigator Window has Buttons like
a "VCR Console".

 [ |<< ] [ < ] [ > ] [ >>| ] 

There will be a Listbox with a scrollbar.
(similar to the Layers and Channels Dialog)
The Items in the Listbox are
Thumbnail Icons of the AnimFrames
and a label that shows the frame Number (0001)
and another Label that shows the 
frame starttime (min:sec:msec)
For the Thumbnails I will use the 
Icons in the .xvpics Subdirectory.
(Therefore most GAP functions
must be extended to update
the .xvpics/frame_0001.xcf icons as well)
A doubleclick on a Thumbnail
takes you to the selected AnimFrame.
(the GAP Goto function)

A single Click will select the frame
(ctrl, and shift to select 
additional frames or framerange)

There will be Widgets with Spinbuttons
where you can enter a global framerate
and a timezoom. With the timezoom
you can adjust what you'll see in
the Listbox.

timezoom==1 shows:
timezoom==10 shows:

Further Buttons

 [ S ]   .... Select All Frames
 [ X ]   .... Delete selected Frame(s)
 [ C ]   .... Duplicate selected Frame(s)
 [ U ]   .... Update Thumbnails

 A Playback Button could call
  - Video|Frames To Image 
    (for the selected frames) and then:   
  - Filters|Animation|Animation Playback
    on the generated Image

It'll take some time to implement
the navigator ...
(do not expect the GAP navigator in gimp 1.2)

Yours Wolfgang Hofer, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
(Author of GAP)

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